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Find professional audiobook narration for your book with the help of Academy Voices. We have a wide variety of narrators to choose from and can provide you with a free quote on our services.

We offer full production from narration to editing, mastering, and formatting for ACX, Spotify, YouTube, and anywhere else you want to sell your book. 

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Audiobooks Are a New Form of Reading

As you know by now, audiobooks are a billion-dollar industry.

Any serious book publication, fiction or non-fiction, knows that a sizable chunk of its revenue and cultural impact comes through the audiobook version.

Every year, this format grows in popularity. If you want that exciting new novel or topical work of non-fiction to reach the ears of listeners around the world, you want to pair it with the perfect voice.

You want somebody who can bring this writing into the hearts and minds of anyone who presses play.

Want To Learn More Information On Audiobook Narration?

Checking out Academy Voices' "Audiobook Narration Tips and Tricks" page is important for anyone interested in audiobook narration, whether you're a seasoned narrator or just starting out. The page offers a wealth of information and resources, including tips for improving your narration skills, vocal techniques, tricks for staying focused during long recording sessions, interviews with professional audiobook narrators, and additional resources for improving your narration skills. By exploring this page, you can gain valuable insights into the art of audiobook narration and take your skills to the next level.

Audiobook Narration Tips and Tricks

Highlighted Talent of the Week

Kasey Miracle

Kasey’s voice is versatile and adaptable, allowing her to voice everything from fiction to nonfiction audiobooks

Emily Christine Voicemail and IVR Demo

Emily Christine

Her voice is calming and her tone professional. She can narrate any type of audiobook with this effective style!


Brent Nasworthy

His captivating voice and relaxed style make him one of the most enjoyable audiobook narration talents out there.


Angela Ohlfest

Angela's voice is the perfect choice for audiobooks that need to be professional, engaging and relatable.


Experience Top-Tier Voice Actors Narrating Audiobooks 

The best narrators for audiobooks are able to convey the tone and emotion of the story while creating clear distinctions between the characters.

When performing non-fiction work, they should know how to relay the ideas an author has researched, along with the significance and larger implications of these ideas. 

Listeners immerse themselves in an audiobook while cleaning, working out, relaxing in a recliner, or commuting to work.

Above all, these listeners want to feel they’re in the presence of a friend and professional who is leading them through the one-on-one experience of the audiobook.

Academy Voices brings you these kinds of voice artists—artists with clear, articulate voices that are a pleasure to listen to for long periods of time.

Our artists are trained in a range of accents and dialects to fit the directives of any project.

They impart mood and emotion through pacing, pitch, and inflection; make dialogue natural and believable; build a sense of suspense; and drive the momentum of the story.

They are fully versed in the narration techniques that bring a text to life.

Highlighted Talent of the Week

Daniel Pagone

Daniel has an authoritative delivery with a conversational style. Great for fiction and non-fiction


Claire Shadrawy

Claire has a voice over style that is natural, smooth, believable, conversational, cheerful, smiley, and playful.


Neil Strawder

Neil has a confident and conversational tone. Great for fiction and adventure stories. 


Find Exceptional Audiobook Narrators for Hire

Locate your next audiobook narrator on Academy Voices.

We’re here to help you find that just-right person who will connect with your project and create a captivating narration.

You’ll be working with a trained voice artist who prides themselves on their acute attention to detail, someone who consistently pronounces each word correctly, who understands the ins and outs of production, and who has the ability to work collaboratively with your team to deliver a final product that meets the needs of the author and everyone involved. 

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