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Level-Up Your TV and Radio Voice Over 

Is your company getting ready to launch that new ambitious ad campaign across a mix of mediums?

Whether you’re speaking to your audience on YouTube or network TV, across radio airwaves, or through their podcast feed, you need an articulate, on-brand voice over to speak directly to the consumer and drive your message home.

Many skills constitute an outstanding voice over performance.

You want to enlist a voice artist whose intuition and natural talent carry the appeal of your message.

They should be a seasoned professional with a full command of their instrument.

This means a dynamic range of expression; full control over their pitch, tone, and volume; and an awareness of how to deploy their personality when delivering your ad content. 

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Talent Highlight of the Month

TV and Radio
TV and Radio

Work with Leading Industry Talent 

Academy Voices partners with experienced artists who understand what they bring to the table through voice overs.

Their talent and training allow them to adapt their voice to fit different styles and genres of ads.

Whether you’re looking for that calm and reassuring voice pointing listeners to a particular healthcare product, or that life-of-the-party promoter voice extolling a new kind of sports drink, our roster houses a full range of voice types to fit your needs.

Expect voice over artists with superb diction and the ability to deliver lines with clarity and precision.

The artists we work with know how to communicate meaning and intent.

They take the words on the page and make them reverberate with authority and persuasiveness. 

TV and Radio Ads
TV and Radio Ads

Establish a Great Creative Relationship 

Academy Voices connects you with artists who know what to expect from an intense recording session.

Our talent knows how to take direction and work well with the directors and audio engineers producing the ad content.

Count on an efficient process of teaming up with artists who follow instructions, make adjustments, respond positively to constructive feedback, and concentrate on crafting the best possible performance.

We look forward to matching your business with the ideal collaborator. Whatever your marketing goals, whatever product or service you’re championing, the voice artists you’ll meet through Academy Voices are here to step up to the plate, meet and exceed your vision, and ensure you garner the sales and brand recognition you’re working to achieve. 

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