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Anthony Pica Trusted By Companies For Voice Over

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With over 20 years of experience in the voice over industry and acting industry, I am a professional who excels at creating engaging content.

My strong and confident speaking style has been described as deep and confident and will make your message come across as compelling to listeners!

I have performed over 4000 voice overs and have worked with some of the top businesses in the country. 

What you can expect from Anthony:

  • Study and apply your directions for the voice over

  • Read & analyze your script to best determine the voice needed

  • Record in a professional Whisper Room with Professional Equipment

  • Edit, master, and format all work to the highest standard

If you would like to work with Anthony, just fill out the form to the right and get a free quote today. 

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Anthony Specializes in Audiobooks

Anthony Pica is a highly skilled voice actor who specializes in performing audiobooks.

He brings characters to life with his versatile voice range and engaging narration style. With a deep understanding of character development and storytelling, he uses his voice to convey emotions, create atmosphere, and captivate listeners.

Anthony has a natural ability to modulate his voice to suit different characters, from a deep and authoritative voice for a wise old wizard to a high-pitched and energetic voice for a young child. His attention to detail and ability to interpret the author's intent allow him to create a seamless listening experience that keeps the listener engaged throughout the entire audiobook.

He maintains consistent character voices and his meticulous attention to pacing and timing make him one of the most sought-after audiobook narrators in the industry.


Gender: Male 

Language: English

Age Range: Adult

Purpose: Video Narration, Commercial, Podcast Intro and Outro, Voicemail and IVR, Audiobook, Character

Tone: Authoritative, Friendly, Conversational, Calming, Smooth, Confident, Deep

Accent: Neutral American, Southern American

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