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Looking to make your social media ads stand out? Look no further than Academy Voices' professional voice-over services, designed to help businesses and individuals create impactful and engaging campaigns that capture the attention of their target audience.

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The Best Ads Require the Best Talent 

Every brand in every industry can find its audience on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are a feeding frenzy of prospects. The trick, of course, is creating advertising content that immediately compels them to learn more about your products or services.

For video ads, your voice over is part of the hook that entices a listener to view your offerings, consider your selling points, and ultimately make a purchase.

You want to give your ads or voice over commercials that powerful marketing voice that ensnares a listener’s attention and steadily beckons them into your sales funnel.

Because voice over ads must speak with a combination of authority and conversational approachableness, your voice artists must similarly possess both qualities. 

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Social media ads at Academy Voices

Talent Highlight of the Month

Social Media / Commercial Demo
Social Media / Commercial Demo

The Right Artists to Power Your Video and Voice Over Ads 

Brilliant voice artists offer more than just an attractive speaking voice.

Beyond their conviction and sense of ease, they instinctively grasp your messaging and know how to create the tone of the specific ad, whether it be humorous, serious, or upbeat.

On top of this, the best voice artists can visualize the people they’re addressing and tailor their delivery accordingly.

As the voice artists from Academy Voices consider your target demographic, their readings come off like actual conversation.

They will realize your script in a way that allows your brand to become the fullest expression of itself. 

Social Media / Commercial Demo
Social Media / Commercial Demo

Lead a Successful Online Ad Campaign 

Great social media ads are a critical part of an overall campaign designed to grow your business’ customer base.

It all starts with a well-written script properly communicated to your audience. Academy Voices offers you voice artists who will infuse your video and voice over ad with sincerity and depth.

You devote considerable time and planning to ensure that every element of your ad campaign is just what you need it to be.

You want to be sure your voice talent is likewise aligned with your goals. Watch your voice artist perform your ad, then watch your ad perform for you! Bring on a voice collaborator with the technical skills to pull off the material and a passion for truly reaching your listeners.

Their work and natural abilities create a sense of trust and credibility you won’t accomplish any other way. 

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