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How To Write An Effective Script for Your Voice Over Project

Mar 12, 2023
how to write an effective voice over script

Writing voice over scripts can be a daunting task. When you break it down, you have to assume multiple roles to get the result you desire – unless you have endless resources at your disposal. To be successful, you have to be a market researcher, writer, editor, and director. It sounds overwhelming, but we’re going to break it down so you can write a killer voice over script.

How To Write A Voice Over Script

No matter the type of video you’re producing, it is often the quality of the script that decides its success – here’s how you can ensure yours is a hit.

Understand Your Audience

Before picking up your metaphorical quill, you need to put your research hat on. To equip yourself with the knowledge to write a voice over script – you must understand your audience. It’s your mission to make this script connect with them, and you can’t do that without knowing what they engage with. 

If you’re writing commercial voice scripts, your company may already have buyer personas – these are the ideal starting point. From here, you can understand their age, gender, interests, values, lifestyle, and so much more.

Knowing this detailed information empowers you to write topical content that resonates with the people you’re aiming your voice over at.

Let’s get into how you can use this information.

Use Language Everyone Listener Will Understand

You’ll have heard this with almost everything you have written or said – avoid using jargon. Instead, use terminology that everyone can understand. Jargon tends to alienate and confuse. While you may think it makes you sound clever, you’re making your audience feel stupid.

There are instances where using the most basic terminology won’t suit your audience. So, remember to revert back to who the ideal person consuming your content is. Rather than targeting the top 1% of people, be inclusive and use universal language everyone can digest.

Be Human, Be Conversational, & Tap Into Emotions

To make people feel immersed in your content, your voice over needs to feel natural. Ensure you’re writing as you would speak. You can include slang, if appropriate, pop-culture reference, humor, and any other emotion you wish to convey. 

A voice over allows you to tap into emotions on a deeper level than written text or a video without voice. Websites like Academy Voices connect you with professionals who are experts at delivering script voice over with the intended emotion.

Short & Sharp Sentences Are Your Friends

Save the long sentences for long-form, written copy. Short, punchy sentences keep the user engaged, give them the opportunity to digest what they’ve just heard, and don’t overpower the accompanying visual content. 

Always Use The Active Voice

Wherever possible, you should use the active voice. Unlike the passive voice, it is more engaging, direct, clear, and easy to understand. 

It empowers you to speak directly to your audience, building a personal connection and building on the conversational style you’re already implementing.

Pauses & Emphasis Are Key To Successful Delivery

The power of a pause should never be underestimated. When you write the voice over scripts and read it to yourself, you naturally include pauses for emphasis or to align with the visual content. Additionally, the punctuation you use can naturally help with this. 

However, the voice over artist you work with needs direction. One large block of text will sound completely different from a well-punctuated collection of short sentences and small paragraphs. 

To take it a step further, you could even include pause prompts. 

Write, Edit, Test, & Edit Again

Honestly, it’s unlikely you’re going to nail this the first time. You’ll get to the final, perfect voice over script by editing and testing. 

As you hone your skills, the editing process may become easier and shorter, but without hearing your script delivered by the voice over artist that will produce the final piece, you don’t know if it will be a success or not.

It’s Time To Get Writing

Follow the guideline above, and you’ll be on the road to producing some incredibly engaging content. When the time’s right, head over to Academy Voices, where you can source the perfect artist for your script's voice over, and you’ll wow your audience with the professional content you’ve produced.

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