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How to Find a Voice Actor Who’s Right for Your Project

Jan 31, 2023
how to find a voice actor who's right for your project

In today’s digital world, where users retain 95% more information from video or branded content versus traditional text-based advertising, voice over talent is critical for driving your marketing campaigns and building your businesses. 

Because most working voice artists are white males, it can sometimes be harder to find that highly specific voice type your marketing initiatives might call for. Voice over agencies serve as an invaluable resource in helping you find the best voice actors for your project. 

Even if you know where to go to find voice over talent, you might be overwhelmed by the options in front of you. Beyond knowing how to find a voice actor, you’re also looking to find voice actor talent that fits your precise undertaking. Voice type identification is an important aspect of casting for any project, whether it be for film, television, or theater, so it’s vital to get it right. 

In this blog, we’ll cover the essential details your firm needs to consider when identifying the correct voice type for a specific project:

The Script 

The script is the foundation of any project and will provide the basis for specifying the voice types –– it gives you information about the characters and their personalities, which will help determine the type of voice that will best suit each character. When these specifications are laid out, you’re better equipped to find a voice actor who fits the bill.

The Project’s Genre

The genre of the project will also play a role in determining the appropriate voice type. For example, a voice with a deep and commanding tone may be more suitable for a dramatic film or a brand that wants to establish itself as an authority in a particular space. 

On the other hand, a voice with a more light and playful tone may be better suited for comedic advertising or narration. What’s your project genre going to be and how does that determine the best fit?

The Speaker’s Age

The age of the speaker or character will also be a factor in identifying the right voice type. What is the age demographic of your audience or consumer? Who do they want to hear from in a video ad or snippet of audio? Younger characters or speakers may have a more high-pitched and youthful voice, while older characters may have a more mature and deeper voice. You’ll want to find a voice actor in the correct range.

The Speaker’s Gender

Gender is another important element to observe when identifying a voice type. Male speakers or characters will typically have deeper voices, while female speakers or characters will typically have higher-pitched voices. 

If your brand is marketing to a primarily male or primarily female demographic, you’ll want to tailor your narration accordingly. As a broad generality, you may want someone of the opposite gender to entice or flirt with the audience through the voice over, or you may want someone of the same gender to speak to them as a kind of friend or peer.

The Character’s Ethnicity or Nationality

The ethnicity or nationality of the character can also play a role in determining the correct voice type. Different ethnicities and nationalities will have distinct accents, dialects, and intonations, which need to be taken into account. 

Again, now is the time to carefully think about your audience. Who do they relate to, and who would they most likely wish to hear from? It’s important to remember that not all voice actors are proficient in multiple languages or dialects. If the project requires a specific accent or language, it’s important to look for actors who can deliver that.

The Audience

As has been touched on throughout, the target audience is easily the most important consideration in determining the voice type of your voice actor. If your messaging is aimed at younger children, choose a voice type that would appeal to them. If you’re addressing an older audience, you’ll want to find a voice actor who understands and identifies with that particular group. Simple!

It's Time To Hire

Once you’ve weighed all these factors, listen to samples of different voice actors to get an understanding of their range and versatility –– this will ensure you find a voice actor that is the best possible fit for the project. 

Academy Voices functions as a voice actor finder that helps you locate the talent to make your project complete. We provide clear guidance for how to find voice actors with the voice type that will make your project a success.

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