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How to Find an Explainer Video Voice Over Artist

Oct 11, 2023
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In today's digital age, videos are everywhere. Whether you're watching an ad, taking an e-course to learn something new, or just browsing social media, explainer videos play a big part in our daily lives. 

One key element of a good video, however, is the voice you hear talking at you through your speakers. No matter what industry you work in or which topic you’re discussing, one thing’s for sure: this voice can make or break your video. Especially when it comes to explainer videos,

After all, an explainer video requires something… a little different than a #. It needs a clear voice that appears friendly, knowledgeable, and is easy to understand. This is where finding and hiring a voice over artist comes in.

But how exactly do you find the right voice for your video? You’ve come to the right place.

As we delve deeper, we'll uncover the steps and tips to lead you to the voice that aligns with your vision. So, let's get started on this journey to discover that ideal voice over artist for your explainer video.


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The Importance of Working With a Voice Artist for Your Explainer Video

Choosing the ideal voice over artist isn't just about finding someone who can read aloud — it's about capturing the essence of your message and ensuring it resonates with your audience. 

That said, working with a professional voice artist often brings a variety of benefits to your explainer video. 

Some of these include:

  • Expertise and Skill
    Voice over artists have been trained to modulate their voice, control their tone, and pace their words just right. Their expertise ensures your message is not only heard but felt by your audience.
  • Relatability
    The right voice can instantly create a connection with your audience. It can make them feel understood, valued, and more inclined to engage with your content.
  • Versatility
    A seasoned voice artist can adapt to different styles and tones, ensuring that their delivery matches the mood and intent of your video, be it humorous, serious, or instructional.
  • Clear Communication
    The main goal of an explainer video is to inform. With a skilled voice artist, complex topics can be broken down into digestible information, ensuring your audience grasps the content without confusion.
  • Professionalism
    A high-quality voice over adds a layer of professionalism to your video. It signals to viewers that you've invested time and resources into creating valuable content.
  • Consistency
    If you have a series of videos or plan to produce more in the future, working with the same voice artist can provide consistency, building brand recognition and trust among your audience.

As you can see, even though visuals in an explainer video play a crucial role, the voice behind those visuals is equally significant and brings the content to life.

It's the voice that guides, informs, and persuades — and can elevate the entire viewing experience. Therefore, by investing in a professional voice artist, you're ensuring that your explainer video stands out, communicates effectively, and leaves a lasting impact.

6 Tips to Help You Find an Explainer Video Voice Over Artist

Finding the right voice over artist for your explainer video can be the difference between an average video and a memorable one. 

The “voice” of your video is often the bridge between your content and your audience — which makes it a critical element throughout the entire process. And with countless artists offering their services, the task may seem daunting (to say the least). 

However, with a bit of guidance, you can find the perfect fit for your project — and not risk losing your sanity or wasting precious time and money. 

Here are six tried-and-tested tips to assist you in this search:

1. Know Your Audience

Before you even start looking, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience. Are they young tech-savvy individuals or older professionals? Do they prefer casual, friendly tones or formal, authoritative ones? The voice that appeals to one group might not resonate with another — which means you need to be very careful.

By understanding the preferences and expectations of your audience, you can narrow down your choices to voices that will best connect with them.

2. Ask for Samples

Whatever you do, make sure you always request samples from potential voice over artists. This will give you an idea of their range, tone, and style — and it’ll be a lot easier to weed out the voices that don’t match the vibe and theme of your explainer video.

Also, it's one thing to read about their capabilities and another to hear them in action. Listen to how they emphasize certain words, their pacing, and overall clarity. This will help you gauge their fit for your specific project.

3. Check Online Marketplaces

Online platforms have made the search for voice talent much simpler. Websites like Academy Voices offer a curated selection of professionals with various styles and specializations that are available for hire and can help your project come to life. 

Then, there are also platforms like Fiverr and Upwork that have beginner talent trying to find their footing. Just remember: you get what you pay for. And, nowadays, great voice over talent doesn’t come cheap. 

By browsing through Academy Voices, you not only get access to multiple artists at once but can also read reviews, compare rates, and even get a feel for each artist’s unique offerings.

4. Consider the Language and Accent

If you're targeting a specific region or demographic, the accent and language proficiency of the voice artist can be crucial. For instance, if your video is for a British audience, you might want an artist with a UK accent. Alternatively, if you’re aiming to reach an international audience, having someone with a more neutral accent — let’s say, a North American accent — can make your explainer video more relatable to a wider audience.

It’s also important to make sure that the artist is fluent in the language of your video and can convey your message without any linguistic barriers.

5. Flexibility and Responsiveness

Finding a great explainer video voice over artist isn’t about saying “YES!” to the voice but also about the artist's professionalism. A great professional will more often than not shine for their work ethic and adaptability: they should be open to feedback, willing to make revisions if needed, and responsive to your communication.

This ensures a smooth collaboration and a final product that aligns with your vision.

6. Budget Constraints

While it's essential to get a voice that fits your needs perfectly, you also have to consider your budget. Different artists will have varying rates based on their experience, demand, and expertise. 

Always be upfront about your budget, and try to find a balance between quality and affordability.


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The Key to Working With an Explainer Video Voice Over Artist Is…

In the world of explainer videos, visuals might draw the eye… but it's the voice that captures the heart and mind of the viewer. 

Choosing the right voice over artist isn't just about talent, but also about collaboration, understanding your audience, and aligning with your project's core message. A harmonious blend of these elements ensures that your video not only educates but also engages and inspires.

If you're on the hunt for that perfect voice to elevate your content, don't wander in the dark. Academy Voices is here to guide your way! With a growing roster of talented professionals at your fingertips, you're just a click away from discovering the voice that resonates with your vision.

Ready to find the voice that'll make your explainer video shine? Get in touch with our team and embark on a journey to find the artist that's right for your project. 

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