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Locate the Perfect IVR Voice for Your Business

Great customer relationships are a priority for any business.

You want to build trust and loyalty with your customers at all hours of the day—even if you’re not available ‘round the clock.

They need to know that, although you can’t get to their call, their needs are at the forefront of your mind, and your services are always at the ready. 

A strong IVR voice recording is often the first point of contact a customer or client has with your business.

It will set the tone for future communications and dramatically influence their perception of your company.

You want an experienced, brand-specific voice artist answering their call.

Talent Highlight of the Week

Angela Ohlfest

Specializing in confident, conversational, and relatable voicemail and IVR voice overs. 


Tia Beverly

Tia has a relatable, fun, and kind voice style that connects easily with customers.


Kasey Miracle

Kasey’s voice is versatile and adaptable, allowing her to voice everything from quirky characters to corporate presentations.

Emily Christine Voicemail and IVR Demo

Emily Christine

Emily has a smooth, collected, and reassuring voice style that is easy to connect with.


Choose From the Best IVR Voices

In the modern era, customers get impatient when they reach out to a business and aren’t greeted with a warm response.

In many cases, they won’t wait to give you another chance.

They’ll simply take their business to another company, and you won’t hear from them again.

You have no way of knowing the business you may lose simply because you failed to make a thoughtful first impression.

Academy Voices supplies you with voice talent for a professional, well-crafted voicemail recording—a recording that conveys to your caller: this is a business that’s organized and reliable.

A personable outgoing message from a skilled voice over artist will always make the caller feel more connected to your business and increase their confidence in your company.

Talent Highlight of the Week

Claire Shadrawy

Claire has a voice over style that is natural, smooth, believable, conversational, cheerful, smiley, and playful.


Brent Nasworthy

Brent has been described as warm and authoritative and he also delivers his voice with a friendly conversational tone perfect to use when narration is needed!


Storm Watters

Storm Watters is a full-time voice over artist with years of experience providing quality audio and delightful customer service.


Browse a Selection of Voices for Voicemail Recording 

In every instance, the right voicemail recording is crucial for maintaining a positive image and building trust with your customers and clients.

When the phone lines are tied up, or people call in after hours, make sure you’ve got a friendly and informative voice to greet these customers and retain their business. 

The talent from Academy Voices gives your company the ability to communicate the way you desire.

Our voice artists think of themselves as a representative of your company, directing callers to the correct extensions and imparting your professionalism.

Customers will hear a message from a real person who’s concerned about their needs, ready to record their thoughts—and eager to get back to them at the earliest possible convenience.

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