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Time to Literally Resonate With Your Target Audience 

You’ve got a distinctive brand voice. Now’s the time to find that just-right human voice to embody it.

For anyone viewing your commercial or listening to your video narration, the voice they’re hearing IS your brand. 

Your video and audio content puts your business in direct conversation with your customers. The artist delivering your words — and the way they deliver those words! — will shape your messaging and solidify your identity.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and nothing will embolden your marketing campaign more than a written and spoken voice coming together in perfect alignment.

Talent Highlight of the Week

Neil Strawder

Neil has the ability to subtly color his voice to meet the needs of his clients.


Storm Watters

Voice is a powerful thing - it can make or break your message. Storm understands this, which why she believes in offering the best in voice to help you stand out!


Tia Beverly

Tia has a relatable, fun, and kind voice style that connects easily with customers.


Access a Range of Trained Talent

As you locate your video narrator, keep in mind that the artists featured on our website come from every corner of the marketing and entertainment world.

They’ve worked in everything from advertising to audiobooks to powerful roles on stage and screen. Our full roster of talent is standing by, ready to dive into your next project.  

In their marketing performances, our voiceover talent have worked with companies across a spectrum of industries.

They channel their individuality and experience into each new undertaking — and they know how to elevate the text in front of them.

We recognize that commercial voiceovers each come with highly individualized requirements depending on the goals of your brand.

To help you find your ideal artist, Academy Voices gives you access to voice actors with a consortium of ages, dialects, and voice types. 

Whether you’re looking for a soothing, maternal voice to advocate for the quality of your baby products, a takes-no-prisoners athletic coach detailing the features of your gym equipment, or a charming executive discussing the innovations of your software package, you’ll find the right voice for the job.    

Talent Highlight of the Week

Kasey Miracle

Kasey’s voice is versatile and adaptable, allowing her to voice everything from quirky characters to corporate presentations.


CJ Brown

CJ's deep, rich voice is perfect for radio or TV commercials. His calm and authoritative tone will make your instructional videos easy to follow.


Inspire Yourself to Make the Best Possible Video

As you go into production, you might be working to create narration for YouTube videos that spotlight your services, or you might be inaugurating that all-important 30-second ad. In any scenario, be ready to witness voiceover work filled with the character, clarity, and quality to elevate your selling points and push your brand to stand out in the marketplace. The right voice is the final ingredient that allows the content to soar.

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