Casting is completely free. We will help you cast and manage your project, no matter the size of the project. We are also aware of budgets and are more than willing to work with you.

Live Direction for Academy Voices

Non-Broadcast - Starting From $350

Direct the voice talent live while they record your voice over

6 month usage right for academy voices voice overs

Corporate - Starting From $350

This includes corporate and explainer video for limited audience and run

3 month usage rights for academy voices voice overs

Broadcast - Starting From $400

This includes TV, radio, and social ads for a limited audience and run.

Character Starting From $350

This includes a single role in an indie, app, or fan dub 

Background Music for Academy Voices

eLearning - Starting From $0.20 a word

Add voice to your web based training and reach a wider audience

Dubbing with Time Sync - Starting From $20 per word

Have your voice over synced to your audio and/or dubbed

Audiobook Narration - Starting From $200 PFH

Get your book narrated and files completely finished by a professional narrator

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