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Uncover That Perfect Character Voice

Animation and video games allow viewers and players to immerse themselves in alternate realities.

They’re an escape, a piece of audiovisual art, and in the best instances, a fully realized world.

Because audiences pay special attention to characters’ voices, game designers and animators certainly do the same.

A good voice actor for animation and video games elevates a CG character to a lifelike level of humanity and dimensionality.

They have the acting chops to portray the emotions, personality, and motivations that live within the character’s voice.

They deliver lines with conviction and believability and calibrate their speech with nuances of anger, happiness, sadness, and fear.

* Video game, animation, anime, apps, cartoons, and audiobook characters available

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Witness a Full Display of Vocal Skill 

The artists you’ll meet through Academy Voices know how to develop and live inside a highly specific character voice. They bring diction and clarity to any script, knowing that, in a video game, the player may be listening to dialogue for long periods of time.

They speak clearly and distinctly with the right tinges of emotion to keep players focused, engaged, and immersed.

On top of this, our artists have the ability to adopt different regionalisms and accents, a crucial attribute when voicing cartoon and video game characters.

Many video games feature a diverse cast of characters, and a solid voice actor should be able to portray each of them distinctively and accurately.

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Collaborate With Professionals 

Notably, to really nail your video game and cartoon voices, an experienced voice artist is able to take direction well and will work to meet the requirements set forth by the game’s creative team.

This means being able to take feedback and make adjustments as needed to better embody the character. The artists recognize their role as one critical piece of a larger vision.

With strong acting skills, crisp diction, and a knack for different character voices and accents—along with the ability to work well with a rigorous creative team—the talent from Academy Voices helps you bring any animation or video game project to completion.

Browse through the artists, listen to samples of their work, and find the individual with the tone and characteristics to help further the world-building and storytelling within your project.  

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